Quiz: were you born in the right generation?

Ever feel like you’re a throwback to a different generation, or perhaps even born ahead of your time? Associate Professor Andrew Singleton, a sociologist with Deakin’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, says characterising different generations can be tricky – for every ‘rule’ there’s someone who won’t fit the mould. Deakin University's this website. Take... Continue Reading →

How to be a manager (and lead your mates)

Who’d want to be a manager? After all, dealing with difficult people, solving disputes and taking on more responsibility comes with the territory. But being promoted to a managerial position is one of the best ways to climb the career ladder, and get a fatter pay cheque to boot. So if you’ve recently shifted into... Continue Reading →

How to make friends as an adult

Let’s be frank: no one likes to admit they could do with a few more amigos. But sometimes – perhaps you’re extremely unlikeable (I jest!) – you may find your social calendar a little lacking. Maybe you’ve moved to a new postcode, city or country, or have suddenly realised all your friends are up to... Continue Reading →

The rise of Airbnb’s sidekick start-ups

It’s no secret that Airbnb is booming, with 70,000 listings in Australia alone – double that of last year. But while its founders are laughing all the way to the bank, Airbnb’s success is also paying dividends for the many businesses that have sprung up around it. ShortPress. Full story here

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