Wish you were here: Australia’s coolest offices

By Larissa Ham

Is it a disco or a workspace? Google's Aussie HQ in Sydney. Source: Supplied.

Is it a disco or a workspace? Google’s Aussie HQ in Sydney. Source: Supplied.

If you’re going to spend five days a week at the office for the rest of your working life, why not find the coolest company that you can?

The New Daily has scoured Australia for the most innovative offices around – and has found a handful of contenders who are thinking well outside four walls.

Google, Sydney

More like an adventure playground than a place to go to work, Google is continuing to do its bit for every nerd’s occupational fantasies – even managing to squeeze two retired monorail cars into its Pyrmont building last year for use as office space.

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Past tense, but the future’s bright

By Larissa Ham

True tales of surviving – and thriving – after the world has thrown its worst at you.


Rhondalynn Korolak (pictured above) was a bright law student about to graduate when she received a terrible phone call.

It was the dean of her university with the horrendous news that her 18-year-old brother and three of his friends had murdered her mother.

“It was a real shock that she’d been killed but it wasn’t necessarily a super shock that my brother was behind it,” says Canadian-born Korolak. “I grew up in a family of domestic violence, and violence breeds violence.”

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Will your job exist in 2034?

By Larissa Ham

If you’re a bank teller, librarian, travel agent or cashier: beware – your job may no longer exist in 20 years.

These professions, along with many others, are likely to be extinct come 2034, as technological changes continue to revolutionise the labour market.

Phil Ruthven, chairman of business information analysts IBISWorld, says Australia is set to lose about four million existing jobs by 2024.

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