Sustainable House Day: Inside three homes that slash your power bill

Quentin Irvine’s house in Victoria’s Beaufort, 165 kilometres west of Melbourne, was built to go the distance – and beyond.

All the elements of The Recyclable House, or at least the vast majority, will find new lives down the track.

Domain, The Age. Full story here

First Person: I’m Norma Abraham, and I’m a 90-year-old ballerina

‘My profession was actually as an opera singer. I was singing professionally until I was about 60 – that was 30 years ago.

I’ve only been doing ballet classes since Tina (professional ballet dancer and choreographer Tina Yong) started running it at ReCreation Health Club Trackside in Hampton a few years ago. Tina said to me, “You should come to ballet”.

I said, “At 86, 87?” And she said, “Yes, you can do it”.’

Domain Review. Full story here

Quiz: were you born in the right generation?

Ever feel like you’re a throwback to a different generation, or perhaps even born ahead of your time?

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton, a sociologist with Deakin’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, says characterising different generations can be tricky – for every ‘rule’ there’s someone who won’t fit the mould.

Deakin University’s this website. Take the quiz here

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