Meet the surfer running a business from his sailboat

By Larissa Ham

Operating a business from a sailboat – or Indonesia, or anywhere with Wi-Fi really – is the stuff many cubicle-bound folk dream of.

But for Ryan Scanlon, managing his wetsuit business in this way is a daily reality, albeit one that was a couple of decades in the making.

“I’ve always wrestled between career and being a surfer,” says the 39-year-old founder of Need Essentials. “I’ve always worked three years on and taken two years off and travelled all over the world.”

Published on ShortPress, December 2015. Read the full story here.


These are the best places to buy property in 2016

By Larissa Ham

After more than three years of sharp increases, Melbourne’s and Sydney’s property markets have finally begun showing signs of slowing, according to experts.

CoreLogic RP Data senior research analyst Cameron Kusher says a lack of affordability is starting to put the brakes on property prices.

Meanwhile, CoreLogic RP Data figures released on Monday showed 2015 was a lacklustre year for rental growth in Australia, with rents increasing by an average of 0.3 per cent across the country. That’s bad news for investors, but good news for renters.

Published on The New Daily, January 13, 2016. Read the full story here.

On board Australia’s newest cruise ship

Without getting too salty, losing your ‘virginity’ (cruise virginity that is) is apparently quite the big deal.

Indeed, it’s clear there are two types of people on any cruise. Those who have, and those who have not sailed the high seas.

Those who know the difference between a boat and a ship, for example. Or those who can stroll from starboard to port without a second thought.

Published in Traveller, Fairfax on January 12, 2016. Read the full story here.