Will your job exist in 2034?

By Larissa Ham

If you’re a bank teller, librarian, travel agent or cashier: beware – your job may no longer exist in 20 years.

These professions, along with many others, are likely to be extinct come 2034, as technological changes continue to revolutionise the labour market.

Phil Ruthven, chairman of business information analysts IBISWorld, says Australia is set to lose about four million existing jobs by 2024.

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How to tell if you’re a tosser

By Larissa Ham

Mirror, mirror on my inner-city warehouse wall – who’s the biggest, er, tosser of them all?

Twirl your metrosexual moustache, sip your organic latte and consider this: it might just be you, gorgeous.

Nothing screams arrogance like the native tosser. So for no reason at all, other than helping a self-delusional brother (or sister) out, we’ve compiled a Walkley-worthy list of warning signs to watch out for.

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3D printing reaches tipping point

By Larissa Ham

Once cost-prohibitive, 3D printing is now affordable and becoming mainstream.

King Kong

He’s now a mammoth, six-metre-high gorilla pounding the boards at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre, but the latest version of King Kong had his features fine-tuned inside a small 3D printer.

“There was a lot of debate about how he was going to look – not only his body but his face as well,” says Domenic Di Giorgio, head of digital design at The Creature Technology Company.

“He had to convey so much emotion during the performance.”

Dentacast’s David Schwab says 3D printing is revolutionary.

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